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" My passion has always been civic involvement, collaborating with community groups and improving people's lives. "
Jeff Antonelli

Fighting for the middle class family.

Taxes. Sending your kids to school without getting into massive debt. Keeping your home safe and celebrating the health of your family.
That's what a real Texan and local business owner like Jeff is all about.
The other guy? If he says he wants to lower taxes for "people," it's only because by law, the oil company he owns is considered a "person."
Jeff represents the real people, the Texans who make this state great,.

Security and sanity in crazy times.

We know we're living in crazy times when parents fear sending their children to school, and teachers are trained one day in connecting to all learning styles, and the next in how to aim and shoot a child.
Jeff proposes that we put mental health care FIRST. He is a rare diplomat who can work across the aisle, but who firmly knows the safety of the children of Texas is a higher priority than the guns he proudly hunts with.

Coastal Resilience and emergency preparedness.

As a third generation islander, Jeff grew up with stories of family surviving and thriving after the 1900 storm. As for as the next hurricane, it's not a question of if, but when.
"Be prepared" is the Boy Scout's motto, where Jeff earned the highest award for adult leaders, the Silver Beaver. With this attitude, he's going to TX congress asking with an agenda of preparing the Coast to be strong when stroms arise.

One and Indivisible

Remember saying the Texas pledge in school? 

“Honor the Texas flag; I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one state under God, one and indivisible.”

It might not feel like Texas is unified these days, with tense conversations around Thanksgiving dinner tables.

There’s no denying that different Texans have different ideas when it comes to laying down the law. But what brings us together, and what Jeff is ready to fight for in 2020, is that each and every Texan gets fair representation, that their voice is heard, and that every woman, man and child has the freedom and liberty to live their best life. 

Caring for Texas Coastal Communities